That all your generations may know to the end, that I brought them from the land of Egypt, I am YHWH your God.
Leviticus 32:43
If someone was to ask me what is business? I would say," school would you like to go to?" , meaning it is more than just a definition. The best way
to learn about it is to experience it, and I hope after reading you will plan for next year 2015 or 5776.  A long definition short, -business is to make
a profit on services you provide to making customers happy  while  keeping up with the competition.  When asked about Sukkot , an extremely
simplified definition is that Sukkot was a command to Israel from God to celebrate with palm branches branches, willows, a host of articles at an
appointed time every year.

Sukkot is a reminder, for one thing, that they had journeyed in a foreign land for many years Living in temporary tents rejoicing as the Lord went
before them in a HOLY CLOUD to lead them in the way.  At night, in the darkness, a pillar of FIRE behind them  to give them LIGHT.  He never
took away the Cloud by day, or fire by night, he stayed his protection even as he does today.   Exodus 13:21,22.
This was also a supernatural symbol. They were to be guided henceforth by Jehovah Himself. This was their peculiar distinction, that "the Lord
alone did lead them." This was the place where Moses was interceding for them with God. "Wherein shall we be distinct from all the other people of
the earth, except Thou go with us," and His gracious answer was, "My presence shall go with you and I will give you rest." The pillar of cloud and
fire did not represent even an angel's guidance and guardianship. It was the sign of God's own presence.
The temporary dwellings is a great time, as Jews and Gentiles as well, celebrate the our deliverance and realizing that the things in this world,
whether it be a big home, or a small house, or no house at all, we are all only in temporary dwellings, and we need focus on the eternal things, that
last forever. This eternal is the reason God had started the appointed times.
Each and every season or Mo'adim (appointed times) designated by God for Judgement, correction, blessing and rejoicing for the sole purpose of
inheriting a better landing in Heaven where we all will be provided we follow the Holy Cloud.
There is truly a great blessing in the rejoicing,inviting and fellowship with others, and under those portable tents, making sure you can see the
eternal stars who are like Angels of God, who are stationary and steady, unless falling into gravity like Satan.
May you have a Good Sukkot as you endevear to do a Mitzvah
A New Look at the Deep Meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles!