1. All Trip Organizers are experienced tour operators or providers and have
undergone rigorous accreditation in order to run trips. Our drivers have lived here in
Israel since birth as well as some of the members of our staff.

2. Participants must stay with their group the entire duration of the trip and are not
allowed to explore outside the trip during the actually tour. We will brief you daily on
areas and warnings about safety and possible health issues.

3. Trip itineraries and the daily tours are approved daily with the "Situation Monitoring
Room" administered by the Israel Ministry of Education, and coordinated with the I.D.
F., Israel Police and other security authorities.

4. Our tours do not travel to or through Gaza, or the East side of Jerusalem, other than
the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and Damascus gate.

5. Trips do not use public transportation and the tour bus companies and drivers used
are subject to Taglit-Birthright Israel’s strict standards. Drivers are instructed to never
leave buses unlocked or unattended.

6. A GPS (Global Positioning System) is carried by each group so that authorities are
aware of each group's location at all times. A group's itinerary will be changed
immediately to reflect any heightened risk or security concerns.

7. A safety and security orientation is held for every group upon arrival in Israel, and
your Trip Organizers will brief you regularly of the security arrangements for the day.
The orientation and briefings will include guidelines for free time and general travel

8. At least one  trained medic accompany every group.

9. All lodging is subject to high standards of comfort and provides amenities that
accommodate each group.

10. In order to ensure a safe trip for all participants and staff, we strictly enforce our
alcohol policy during the tours.

Rejoice in the Lord Always, and Again I say rejoice!