Our Hotels we book you in are overlooking  beautiful areas
including  Damascus Gate and also Near the Temple Mount.
Your group will be located at home in or near the Ancient City  
Jerusalem and areas that the Jewish people say the Holy Spirit
still dwells today.  Some of the views from the balcony. We made
special arrangement through time and friendships with owners.
Your stay will not be held to one location only, but as you  travel  this beautiful land,  you will    
be situation better in other places as well. It is more convenient not to make long three hours
trips back while your in a wonderful locations such as the Sea of Galilee.   Coming to Israel
will one of the greatest experiences you will ever have, entering into the places where God
has his home. His home is in our hearts as well, as we do all we can do accommodate you
in everything you need. We do have an in house doctor and other professions to assist you.