1. The full amount must be paid on behalf of you and all members of your group to secure your Any
bookings made within 8 days of departure must be accompanied by 100% of the total tour cost to
confirm tour services. If Yahweh Tours accepts your booking you will be sent a confirmation or an
invoice and a receipt of your booking and a contract will be made between you and us as soon as a
confirmation or invoice.

2. Registering online, it is your responsibility to ensure that all entered details are correct. If you realize
that a mistake has been made after your booking has been confirmed you must inform us within 24
hours after the receipt of your confirmation. If you fail to do so and subsequently wish to make
amendments, the fees of $35.00 may apply.

3. If you book through a travel agent, the travel agent will hold your deposit and any other payments
until Yah Tours sends a confirmation of booking or invoice.

4. A binding contract between us comes into existence when Yah Tours confirms your booking verbally
over the telephone or by email .

5.  When booking online, it is important that you understand that payment at the time of booking does
not mean that your booking is confirmed. Your booking is only confirmed when we send you our email
confirmation of the booking. If due to lack of availability we are unable to confirm your services after
you make a payment through the online booking portal, we will refund you any monies paid to us. Any
refund owed may take up to two weeks to reflect in your account. We cannot take responsibility for any
interest, surcharges or fees which you may incur as a result of a delay in money transfer website or
brochure.  If you are bringing young children, please notify us .

6. If you do not pay the balance within 5 days before departure,  we have the right to cancel your tour
and apply the remaining fees that the cancellation charges as set out in clause below.

7. It is your responsibility to carefully check the confirmation invoice and any other documents issued
by Yahweh Tours and let us or your travel agent know immediately in the event of any error or
inaccuracy as it may not be possible to make changes later. If you or any member of your party wishes
to cancel your holiday, you should notify us or the travel agent with whom you made the booking, in
email. We must confirm.  If you cancel the tour, then we will charge the cancellation fees as set out in
the table below. Yah Tours shall remain within its rights to forfeit the non-refundable deposit amount
paid to confirm the booking to recover the scale of cancellation charges .


Our policy applies if the participant can not adhere to the tour payment schedule set out here:

If in the event that visas for any countries are not granted or in the event that any tour participant is
unable to travel for any reason whatsoever, including medical ground.

The cancellation charges shown represent a percentage of the total tour price.

Note: If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of an insurance policy, you may be
able to reclaim these charges through your insurers.

NOTE: Due to increased security measures, all airlines now require first and last names on the airline
tickets. This must be the same name that appears on your passport, which must be the same name
given when making your booking with us. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is correct
on your invoice and other documentation. Any changes will lead to an administrative charge (of which
you will be notified at the time).


1. Where possible, we accept bookings from people with special needs who wish to make special requests, although we
cannot guarantee to be able to do so.

2. If you have a special need or a special request, it is important for you to contact us by email or by telephone prior to
making your booking. You must write to us giving us full details of your special requests or special needs and details of
any disability that affects you.

3. Yah tours reserves the right to refuse a booking or service, based upon the appropriateness of the tour, for an
individual passenger.

4. IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have a special need or a special request and we accept your booking, we still
cannot guarantee to provide for your special need or your special request. However we do generally find that hotels
respond favorably to special requests or special needs that we notify them about.

5. Step-free access to hotels, restaurants, coaches and attractions may not always be present. If step-free access is
paramount to the successful completion of your tour, it is strongly recommended that you consult our sales team before
making a booking with Star Tours to clarify the suitability of hotels, restaurants, coaches and attraction
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